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ShePaints turns unwanted pieces into something new using chalk paint and milk paint.

My purpose is to save furniture from going into a landfill and make them a statement and a conversational piece for your home.


Hello! I am Sheila Venable, a furniture painter and finisher at ShePaints. I began painting furniture after stumbling upon a YouTube video and was hooked. This is where I found my passion. 


The best part about what I do is I also save furniture from landfills. I always tell people that, before they give away or throw that piece of furniture out, think twice. I want you to see the beauty in the transformation, the possibility of what it can become. Would it look better painted or with a decorative finish? Either way it can become new again. I look forward to working with you while we save the world, one piece of furniture at a time. Feel free to browse the site to see my work!

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